Well done, you have already decided you want to change that habit, become more confident, enhance your sports performance, get a successful weight loss plan or change to enhance your current situation what ever that issue is that you no longer want.

The next stage is to decide how you would like to do this so why not make an initial consultation to discuss the issue and make a solid treatment plan on how your going to do this successfully.  As an individual you should have this treatment plan tailored to your specific needs therefore don't kid yourself be open and honest about the problem the more information you can supply about your specific issue the better the result in therapy that can be achieved. If you provided the chef with only half the ingredients your meal would be incomplete so go for the best you can get.

Now you have the facts on what you want, how to choose a therapist. Do you feel comfortable with them, can you relate to them are they friendly and approachable, are they listening closely to what you are saying. Make sure the person fits with you, it is okay to say no and look for who you feel you can work with. You want to feel confident that you can openly discuss anything with your therapist.  Make sure they are registered with an ethical governing body as well as being qualified to practice. 

If you think or feel that I fit your requirements then give me a call and we can have a pleasant conversation over a coffee/herbal tea for an informal chat where you can meet me in person before arranging that initial consultation.