Just like humans animals can have energy blocks and can be very sensitive to their environment.  Events in their lives may have an emotional or physical effect on them. Reiki can be used to give hands on energy healing to release these blocks and often has a beneficial effect either in your pets behaviour or their physical well-being. At all times follow your vets advise and check with your vet first when a symptom occurs. Reiki is an alternative therapy that can be used in conjunction with medical treatment.  It is a relaxing experience for your pet and can help with stress, anxiety,nerves, pain and healing in general. As with humans animals have chakras where the energy can get blocked and Reiki focuses on releasing these blocks to allow the natural flow of energy to circulate the body. Whilst Reiki is administered you can sometimes see muscle spasms or change in facial expressions and in horses it can be their  lips or nostrils all of these are good signs that a release has taken place.  The link below taken from youtube gives a good example of what can happen.